The Irish national centre combatting illegal content online is the Irish national reporting centre where members of the public can securely, anonymously, and confidentially report suspected illegal content online, especially child sexual abuse content* and activities relating to online child sexual exploitation.

We assess every report we receive. If it shows the sexual abuse of a child, we make sure the image or video is swiftly removed at source. We never forget the children in these images are real and so is their suffering. exists to:

  • reduce the availability and prevent the spread of child sexual abuse content online.
  • disrupt the cycle of online child sexual exploitation.
  • help victims and survivors of child sexual abuse by removing this type of content from the Internet and preventing their repeat-victimisation.
  • act as conduit between online service providers and law enforcement, and as such ensure that whilst child sexual abuse content is removed from the Internet, the children within the images may be identified and safeguarded.
  • maintain a zero-tolerance approach to child sexual abuse and exploitation online and ensure Ireland remains a hostile hosting environment for this type of content.

How we do this:

  • we provide a world class hotline web-reporting service for anyone to securely and anonymously report suspected illegal content online.
  • our internationally highly trained Analysts assess each report received, within remit, in accordance with rigorous standards and by reference to Irish law.
  • procedures and operations are approved and overseen by the Department of Justice and Equality. We work continuously in collaboration with the Criminal Justice Policy unit to further enhance the effectiveness of our services.
  • we work in conjunction with law enforcement, in particular An Garda Síochána.
  • we work in cooperation with our Members (online service providers) which adhere to the Code of Practice and comply with our qualified Notice for Takedown requests for the removal of child sexual abuse content from the Internet.
  • we are a founder member of INHOPE, the International Association of Internet Hotlines, and we collaborate with 46 other hotlines in 42 countries worldwide.
  • we share our expertise and play an active role in the Irish Safer Internet Centre and the National Advisory Council for Online Safety.
  • Thanks to the public's vigilance and readiness to report suspect images/videos of children or other forms of suspected illegal online content within the remit.’s work is co-financed by the European Union through grant aid under the Connecting Europe Facility programme and by our Members.

We encourage everyone to play their part, whether by reporting suspected content to us, funding us, or collaborating on the development of best practices, technology and research. Together we can continue to make a world of difference for the protection of countless children within Ireland and abroad.

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