Complaints Procedure

If a member of the public believes that they have a grievance regarding the conduct of the service in carrying out its objectives, they may submit a complaint. The Hotline, as a member of INHOPE, The International Association of Internet Hotlines, abides by INHOPE's code of practice, which can be downloaded here (PDF Icon 104Kb).

The complaints procedure is as follows:
At first instance a complaint should be submitted to the Hotline using the "OTHER" report form available on this site. This should clearly state the report or activity to which the complaint refers. It should also state how the complainant believes the service has breached the INHOPE code of practice or the Hotline's own procedures in providing its service. The complaint must give a full name, and contact details (e-mail address and telephone number at minimum) of the complainant. Complaints not having verifiable and valid contact details will not be accepted.

If a complaint does not have verifiable contact details, the Hotline will acknowledge the complaint to the e-mail address from which it appears to have been sent, requesting the contact details. If such details are not forthcoming the complaint will not be accepted.

Given a valid complaint, the Hotline will acknowledge the complaint and provide a response within 3 working days.

If the complainant feels they have not received an adequate response, the complaint may be submitted to the Hotline General Manager. This should be done in document form and sent by registered post to the:

The Hotline Manager
ISPAI Service
Unit 25 Sandyford Office Park
Dublin 18

Only signed complaints with verifiable contact details of the complainant will be accepted. The complaint must provide the circumstances and details of how the is in breach of the INHOPE code of practice It is helpful if the complainant can outline what they believe is required or the amended course of action they seek to address their grievance.

The Hotline General Manager must respond within eight working days from receipt of the registered letter of complaint.

Should the complainant remain dissatisfied with the response provided by the Hotline General Manager, they should raise the matter with INHOPE.

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