Remit and Objectives

ISPAI Service is recognised by Government, supported by Law Enforcement and works in cooperation with Industry to tackle online illegal content, particularly Online Child Sexual Abuse Material. It is part of the Safer Internet Ireland Initiative and collaborates with relevant stakeholders to promote Best Practices and a Safer Online Environment.


  • only deals with reports referring to suspected illegal content encountered on the Internet, while urgent situations where persons may be in immediate danger should always be reported directly to An Garda Síochána.
  • The Hotline cannot engage in pro-active search for illegal content under the procedures agreed with Government and it relies on reports from Internet Users or reports forwarded by other INHOPE Member Internet Hotlines.
  • The Hotline will take action only if the reported online content is assessed by Hotline Analysts as illegal under Irish legislation.
  • is acknowledged by ISPs as having the expertise to be authoritative in determining that content is illegal under Irish law. If an ISP receives notification for “take-down” from, it will swiftly take appropriate measures, while preserving evidence for police investigations.
  • deals especially with Online Child Sexual Abuse Material or activities relating to the Sexual Exploitation of Children.


  • To operate and maintain established high standards while continuing to provide members of the public with a secure and confidential reporting facility, complying with Irish and European Laws;
  • To receive reports of suspected illegal content on all Internet services (web, email, peer-to-peer, usenet, etc.), assess and take appropriate measures to address identified illegal material hosted, posted or provided within the Irish jurisdiction on the Internet, in collaboration with all relevant national players, including the Gardaí.
  • To working along with Industry and relevant stakeholders in order to ensure that potentially illegal content in Ireland is taken down expeditiously.
  • To enhance and maximize national efforts by actively supporting the International Association of Internet Hotlines (INHOPE), and ensure that fast response to illegal material hosted outside the Irish jurisdiction is provided.
  • To ensure that Online Child Sexual Abuse Material is rapidly removed from Internet facilities by providing ISPs with qualified notice for take-down.
  • To constantly work towards further development of a consistent and sustainable strategy to assure continuity of after the EU funding ceases to exist (mid-2016).
  • To adjust national Hotline mechanisms and processes in order to facilitate inter-connection and efficient interoperability with European platforms and available state of the art tools.
  • To seek improvement in take-down times for Online Child Sexual Abuse Material by making use of the developing Digital Service Infrastructures and taking appropriate measures for other illegal content within the remit of the Hotline.
  • To gather, input and compile statistics about received reports, characteristics of illegal content identified and notice actions taken. At national level, will use these statistics to evaluate the efficiency of the services and further analyse and assess current trends in order to customise up to date safety tips.
  • To research, analyse and disseminate emerging trends, while using available data to encourage, promote and assist in the development of Internet Safety Awareness Materials especially aiming at Internet Users of all ages.
  • To promote the’s remit, services, milestones and successes to keep the public informed and aware of its existence, and furthermore to encourage the public to stay vigilant and report suspected illegal content so that action can be taken to remove it from the Internet.
  • To work in cooperation with Awareness and Helpline Partners and the ISP Industry within the country to disseminate Safer Internet Practices to citizens and relevant stakeholder organisations, particularly with the intention of achieving better Internet facilities and promoting digital responsibility (responsible Online behaviour).


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