How we assess your report and remove content

We work for the protection of countless children within Ireland and abroad and to make the Internet a safer place for all.

Each report we receive is manually assessed by our highly internationally trained Analysts. Their assessments are accurate and trusted by law enforcement, Internet Industry (online service providers) and INHOPE counterparts.

Our Analysts assess each report in accordance with rigorous standards and by reference to Irish law, primarily Child Trafficking and Pornography Act 1998 [as amended by the Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Act 2017], and Prohibition of Incitement to Hatred Act 1989.

When the reported content (e.g. image) “in itself” is not contrary to the Irish law (does not meet the threshold criteria set out in legislation), it is classified as “not illegal”. Our Analysts will document why the content was assessed as such, subsequently the report is closed with no further action required.

When the reported content is assessed as potentially illegal under Irish law, the Internet location is identified. Our Analysts use at least three methods to trace and determine the geographical location at which the content is hosted at the time of assessment. This allows us to work in collaboration with the relevant partners to have the illegal content removed at source as quickly as possible.

Removing child sexual abuse material (CSAM) when found to be accessible from Ireland: will immediately notify An Garda Síochána and the appropriate online service provider to have the content removed. In most cases, CSAM found to be hosted in Ireland is removed within 24 hours from receipt of the Notice and Takedown request by the online service provider.

Removing CSAM when found to be hosted outside of Ireland: we will notify An Garda Síochána and the INHOPE member hotline in the appropriate jurisdiction. We work in partnership with the relevant hotline counterpart (46 other hotlines in 42 countries worldwide) to ensure CSAM is removed from the Internet irrespective of where in the world it may be hosted. If there is no hotline presence in the source country the report is dealt with through international law enforcement channels.

When the reporter does not provide sufficient information for our Analysts to work out (1) the Internet location at which the suspected illegal content may be accessed; or (2) what is being reported as suspected illegal content, the report will be classified "insufficient detail". For example: (a) no URL (link) provided; (b) a whole forum without description of the content or how/where to locate it within; (c) search results displaying tens to hundreds of images and/or videos without any clear indication to the suspicion, etc.

Reports in respect of content ownership, copyright infringement, sale of drugs, spyware allegations, sale of documents or personal data, trade of endangered species, money-laundering allegations, etc. are outside remit and will be classified as such.

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