Online content that you should report to

You can securely, anonymously and confidentially report:

  • Child sexual abuse material (images, video, text, non-photographic child sexual abuse content etc.)
  • Activities relating to the sexual exploitation of children e.g. child grooming
  • Racism & Xenophobia
  • Financial scams which purport to be Irish financial services or have Irish contact details or appear to have originated from Ireland only handles reports referring to suspected illegal content encountered online, while urgent situations where persons may be in immediate danger should always be reported directly to An Garda Síochána.

Our work specifically relates to potentially illegal online content, whilst most of our reports are about child sexual abuse material online.

We know that seeing images and videos of child sexual abuse is upsetting. But if you accidentally come across suspected content online, reporting it to us is the right thing to do, so that decisive action may be taken against it. Rest assured we assess every report that we receive.

Reporting is quick, easy and anonymous, and it could lead to the rescue of a child from repeat-victimisation. However, should you prefer to receive an acknowledgement, find out what happened to your report, or receive a response to a query, you will have to opt for the submission of a non-anonymous report. This means that you will need to provide your email address so we know how to contact you. By making a non-anonymous report submission you fully understand and consent to us processing your personal data as described in our Privacy Statement. prefers to receive reports via its web-reporting form(s) which are designed to request relevant details based on the suspicion declared and type of service [where the content was encountered]. Submitting the URL (link) of the content suspected to be illegal is crucial as it allows our Analysts to investigate your report. The forms have integrated help boxes that will guide you through each step.

NOTE: can only act on spam email that contains, advertises or refers to child sexual abuse or exploitation. Should you need to report this type of spam email we will kindly ask you to go to our web-reporting form(s), Question 1 click on "somewhere else" and select "unsolicited email" from the dropdown menu. Subsequently, in Question 3 you will be asked to provide key information that will enable our Analysts to assess your report. Click on OR position your mouse cursor over "help" for tooltips. is not currently mandated, under agreed operational procedures by the Department of Justice and Equality and law enforcement, to undertake pro-active search of illegal content on the Internet. will take action to have content removed from the Internet only if the reported content is classified by our highly internationally trained Analysts as potentially illegal under the Irish law.

Thank you, and know that your report can make a world of difference. is a registered business name of Internet Service Providers Association of Ireland CLG, Registerd Company No. 285632

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