Become a member membership is suitable to any online service provider, namely any company that provides services such as Internet connectivity, content and application hosting, any provider of an information society service that carries user generated content, technology companies, online payment services and other Internet services. is in receipt of grant aid support from the European Union through the Connecting Europe Facility programme; however work is primarily funded by the annual fees paid by our Members.

These membership fees all go directly towards funding the vital work of removing illegal content online, especially child sexual abuse and child sexual exploitative content.

Assessment of membership qualification and acceptance is at the discretion of The adequate membership tier and fee will be determined with due account of your business sector, company size and minimum membership tier thresholds decided by our Members, for our Members (criteria approved since 1st January 2017 apply).

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Each Application is evaluated in its own right, based on the detailed information provided in the Application form. We’ve tried to keep the form as short as we could, but if you have any difficulties completing it, please email us at

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