Useful international websites

If you do not reside in Ireland, please find below some resources from other countries which may be helpful if you have experienced intimate image abuse.

You may be able to find an organisation in your country to provide you with further support.

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United Kingdom

  • Revenge Porn Helpline: The UK's only dedicated service supporting adults who have been victims of intimate image abuse.
  • Provides advice and support to victims of image-based abuse.
  • Voic.Org: Victim led site which encourages people who have been victims of non-consensual intimate image sharing to share their stories and provides support resources.
  • StopRevengePornScotland: This site, run by the Scottish Women's Aid provides a non-judgemental space for women to share their stories and provide links to local women's aid groups.



  • Crash Override: This site is a network of individuals who seek to help victims of online abuse, including intimate image abuse.
  • Cyber Civil Rights Initiative: A non-profit that serves thousands of victims across the world and advocates for technological, social, and legal innovation to fight online abuse.
  • Undox.Me: This website provides information to victims of intimate image abuse, and provides guides for how to have content removed, including through the issuance of DMCA take down notices.
  • Without My Consent: This non-profit provides educational materials on online harassment.
  • HeartMob: A non-profit working to end online harassment. It has a secure and moderated platform for people who have experienced imaged based abuse to tell their story.
  • State of California Department of Justice: This site provides resources to combat cyber exploitation.


  • The Canadian Centre for Child Protection: This organisation operates, Canada's tipline for reporting the online sexual exploitation of children. It contains information and support resources for victims of non-consensual intimate image sharing.
  • This site helps teens in Canada stop the spread of sexual imagery and provides support resources.
  • The Cybersmile Foundation: This award-winning non-profit organisation tackles all form of digital abuse and cyberbullying.
  • Project Shift: Project Shift work to create a safer digital world for girls and young women. It is funded by Status of Women Canada, YWCA Canada, and other partners.



  • Safer Net: This Brazilian Safer Internet Centre offers a web-based helpline to support victims of online violence.



  • eSafety Commissioner: This Australian centre provides reporting options, support and resources for victims, family and friends, and bystanders.

New Zealand

  • Netsafe: Netsafe are an independent not-for-profit- organisation that provides online safety, help, support, expertise, and education resources.



  • Parihar: This organisation provides support and advice for people who have had intimate images shared without their consent.


South Korea

  • Korea Cyber Sexual Violence Response Centre: Supports victims of cyber sexual violence victims through counselling support, video deletion support, investigation, legal support, and psychotherapy support. Moreover, they provide educational activities and campaigns.


  • Safer Internet Association: This is a not-for-profit organisation aims to foster a safer internet environment for all by offering a reporting service and providing advice on how to remove sexually explicit imagery from the internet.



  • SAWA: SAWA is a Palestinian, non-profit civil society organization that offers a helpline to support women who are victims of sexual exploitation, including cyber exploitation.

Hong Kong


  • Thai Hotline: The Thai Hotline provides a reporting site for illegal content online in addition to educational resources for cyber bullying and abuse.




Czech Republic

  • BKB: This organisation provides crime victims and witnesses with a professional, free, confidential support service.


  • CyberWiser: This site offers an overview of the relevant stakeholders in Cyprus who can assist with abuse online and reporting mechanisms.



  • Naisten Linja: Organisation intended for women who are experiencing violence or abuse. The organisation offers help and support for women experiencing digital violence.


  • Right to the Image: This government website provides an overview of an individual's right to their image, in addition to pathways to request removal of non-consensually shared imagery.



  • Permesso Negato: Social non-profit that provides technological support to victims and online violence, particularly Intimate Image abuse.


  • This page provides a number of resources to victims of violence, both online and offline.




  • Women's Law Centre: Non-governmental organisation that ensures the promotion and protection of women's rights and contribute to the reduction of domestic violence in the Republic of Moldova.


  • Slettmeg: A free advice and guidance service for those experiencing online abuse. It is one of the services provided by the Norwegian Centre for Information Security.


  • CERT Poland: Reporting mechanism for online abuse/exploitation.




  • Provides a reporting mechanism for online abuse in addition to educational and support resources.


  • Varninainternetu: Provides information on common issues facing online users including extortion via intimate image abuse.


  • Stopline: Provides a national centre for reporting illegal content or activities on the internet.