Online content you should report to

You can securely, anonymously and confidentially report:

  • child sexual abuse material (images, video, text, non-photographic child sexual abuse content etc);
  • activities relating to online child sexual exploitation e.g. child grooming;
  • intimate image abuse (intimate images and videos shared without the person's consent)
  • racism and xenophobia
  • financial scams purporting to be Irish financial services or have Irish contact details or appears to have originated from Ireland

report now

Where there is an immediate safety risk or you become aware of one, call 112 or 999. Remember when calling 112 or 999, 'stay calm, stay focused and stay on the line'.

Contact your local Garda station or the free Garda Confidential Line 1800 666 111 if your report relates to any of the issues below:

  • You suspect a child is a victim of abuse or at risk
  • Images stored on private devices such as mobile phones, tables or computers
  • Content (i.e. images) shared via encrypted private communications such as messaging Apps specifically combats illegal content online, however we know that people often experience a number of other issues and difficulties online that we unfortunately cannot help with.

If your report does not relate to: (i) online child sexual abuse material; (ii) online child sexual exploitation; (iii) intimate images shared online without the person's consent; (iv) racism and xenophobia; or (v) financial scams purporting to be Irish financial services or have Irish contact details or appear to have originated from Ireland here is a list of other useful resources to help you in your search for more information. The list includes both national and international resources and organisations across a wide range of issues.

As it relates to spam emails, please note that can only act on spam email that contains, advertises or refers to child sexual abuse or exploitation. Should you need to report this type of spam email we kindly ask you to go to our web-reporting form(s), on Question 2 click "spam email", subsequently Question 3 will require you to provide key information which should enable Analysts to assess your report.

Please note will take action to have content removed from the Internet only when the reported content is within our remit (see top of the page) and it has been assessed and classified by's world-class Analysts as illegal under the Irish law.

Remember your report matters and can make a world of difference is here to help. Thank you.